CANAXIS 5 / Technical space composer's crew (Psychedelic)

scheisshouse rec / Germany / 2009

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Originally privately released in 1969 as Technical Space Composer's Crew and titled Canaxis 5. Later reissued as Canaxis by Holger Czukay & Rolf Dammers. Contains two tracks, recorded at Studio Für Elektronische Musik (Cologne) and at home in 1968. Taken from a net review : "The project name for a one-off collaboration between Can's bass player Holger Czukay and the painter Rolf Dammers. Canaxis 5 (1969) was an early attempt at manipulating ethnic music (World music), in many ways predating the discreet background music of certain ambient Brian Eno albums. The album was made using tape loops from traditional Vietnamese music to create some kind of 'acoustic sound painting'. The result was a strange sound milage. It contained only two tracks: "Boat-Woman-Song" and "Canaxis". Few ordinary instruments were in use, only Holger's bass can be heard occasionally. Nowadays, this album is nothing more than a curiosity, documenting the ambient music in its' early childhood. Czukay's tape editing skills steadily improved through the years - as proved by the mid-period Can albums and even more so on his solo albums.

Technical space composer's crew



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