LA MONTE YOUNG/ MARIAH ZAZEELA / The Theatre Of Eternal Music (Experimental)

SHANDAR / France / 1973

M- / M- 300 €

Original copy of one of the most influential underground composers of the 20th century. His early experiments with long tones in 1957-58, fusing as they did interests in both twelve-tone music and Cagean conceptualism, led directly to the style known today as minimalism. Inspired by Young's long tones, Terry Riley began experimenting with loops, which led to his groundbreaking work In C, the premiere performance of which included Steve Reich. Young's relentless saxophone solos of the early '60s (he once beat Eric Dolphy for a sax chair) roared with the energy of rock and the pristine tuning of Indian ragas. His rule-based improvisations under the auspices of the Theatre of Eternal Music, though not heard publicly in decades, remain an icon of the psychedelic age, and were a direct influence on the Velvet Underground and artrock. FOC. Clean copy !!!

The Theatre Of Eternal Music The Theatre Of Eternal Music The Theatre Of Eternal Music The Theatre Of Eternal Music



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