MICHAEL-CLAIRE / This is... (Folk)

night wings / Italy / 2008

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Available for the first time the never issued before recordings of one of the best kept secret of UK acoustic music: MICHAEL-CLAIRE. This duo was formed in late '68 by Englishman MICHAEL MILNER and Californian CLAIRE HART. Around May '69 they began playing the London Folk Clubs of the time (mainly The Troubadour and Les Cousins), causing immediately a stir. Spotted immediately by talents scouts like BRUCE DUNNET and journalists like KARL DALLAS, in the summer of the same year they began working on an album, which manager ASHLEY KOZAK hawked around to negotiate a deal that didn't happen for various reasons. Thanks to Claire's American links, Michael and his then wife toured the Usa in late '70 and early '71, even being so lucky to host the probably first TOM WAITS public performance in November 1970. While in the States, they recorded a few tracks (some old from the unissued lp and some new) at a friend's studio. And here they are, in nice shape too. There are only three covers, written by Ted Staack, Isaac Guillory and Rick Cunha, the rest is self-composed. Haunting and delicate songs that are too good to be left on a shelf. Both vocals and guitar playing are of the highest standard, as Karl Dallas wrote for Melody Maker: "Their sound is so solid, with tight vocal harmonies backed with great blocks of sound from the two guitars, that there's really very little for other accompanists to do" The album features 13 tracks and there is a insert with lyrics, photos and words by Michael Milner himself. 180 gram vinyl and 500 copies only!

This is...



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