PETRUS CASTRUS / Mestre (Progressive)

GUERSSEN / Spain / 2010

M / M SOLD !!

We’re very, very pleased to introduce you to this wonderful album, after more than 2 years working on it! One of the top Portuguese 70’s rock names, Petrus Castrus is surely better known for his “Ascençao e Queda” second album, reissued in Korea on CD a few years ago. But for most of the lucky people who could listen to both albums, the 1973 debut “Mestre” is the best one. Very highly rated (among the ones who know it!) in the progressive rock scene, this is so rare in original, very few people have it even in Portugal. The album consists on 11 tracks featuring Portuguese lyrics, effective drumming and strong use of keys, though never falling into the synphonic field, this might be a blend of progressive rock and slight psych tinges. Remastered sound from mastertapes and with the original gatefold cover, this is a welcome and long awaited release sure to fill lots of prog collection gaps! 500 copies only!!!

Mestre Mestre Mestre



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