STONE CIRCUS / Same (Psychedelic)

tapestry records / USA / 2009


Originally issued in 1969. "An obscure bit of psychedelic pop issued briefly at the end of the '60s, this one has a tighter groove and hipper sound than most of its contemporaries! The Stone Circus may have only left this one album behind in their career, but it's a plenty great one, and shows the group to be extremely focused and polished, with a highly rhythmic, and even a bit funky sound! Already known as The Funky Farm, the music they do here is a tight blend of basslines, snapping drums, organ, and guitar with bits of vibes thrown into the mix at a few especially great points in the set. Tracks are mostly originals -- done with a bit of fuzz at times -- with clever lyrics and titles." 180 gram vinyl, limited edition of 500 copies.




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