SUCK / Time To Suck (Psychedelic)

SHADOKS / Germany / 2010

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'Suck were from Johannesburg, S.A. In their short history (only eight months) Suck mand one album and caused more mayhem than most bands do over a ten year career. But what an album. Time To Suck is a highly-charged package of manic drumming, scorching guitars and sublime, wailing vocals. Political statements on stage (in South Africa) against the war. This one is not for folk fans, no moonshine mellow candle, this one kicks ass and is pure adrenaline, a real pusher. If you think Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, MC5 and Grand Funk Railroad are your tip of the iceberg, you might consider this one as your future favorite album. Full of hard, psychedelic tracks with Louis 'Moose' Forer on bass, Steve 'Gil' Gilroy on guitar, who worked in the UK with Mick Abrahams from Jethro Tull, Saverio Grande on drums and Andrew Ionnides on vocals. Again, Julian Laxton from Freedoms Children was the producer.'

'Suck comprised Briton Stephen Gilroy, Italian Saverio Grande and South Africans Louis Forer and Andrew Ionnides (who was of Greek extraction). Gilroy had worked with Mick Abrahams before he was in Jethro Tull. Suck was together for about eight months but in this time made a considerable impression. The Time To Suck album is a manic assault on the senses, full of frantic drumming, wailing vocals and scorching guitars. It comprises one self-penned tune The Whip and cover versions of Grand Funk Railroad's Aimless Lady and Sin's A Good Man's Brother, King Crimson's 21st Century Schizoid Man, Donovan's Season Of The Witch, Free's I'll Be Creeping, Deep Purple's Into The Fire and Colosseum's Elegy. The album was produced by Julian Laxton under Clive Calder's direction. (Their cover of) Black Sabbath's War Pigs is a seven-minute barrage on the senses with blistering guitar, throbbing drums and screams. It was originally released on the Rock With The Big Heavies compilation album. Suck gained a bad reputation during its short life and seems to have vanished from the South African music scene as quickly as it had arrived.' - Dreams, Fantasies And Nightmares

High-quality 180-gram vinyl pressing, heavy gatefold cover, additional 7" EP.

Time To Suck



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