VARIOUS ARTISTS / Raks Raks Raks (Psychedelic)

PRIVATE / Netherland / 2009

M- / M- 25 €


Even when I was fully prepared for this LP the compilation still amazed me. It seems like I was more aware of what existed in the 70s in Iran but did not expect to find a scene for the sixties as well. The 70s was much more dominated by a limited possibility of exposure, dominated by only a few producers, who combined orchestral Persian arrangements with rock elements. But these 60s sounds had something less cheesy and more raw to offer, from garage sounds with more complex rhythms compared to Western Standards (3/4 instead of 4/4 the liner notes mention), more like Persian beat/rock’n roll variations of Western influences (from rock’n roll over Shadows/Ventures to crooner influences and beat music and beyond). Gogoosh I assume will be one of the only known names listed. She always followed every fashion in music as well as in clothes. Her song fits with the rest but is slightly different. Here she sounds like a mixture of Janis Joplin acting like Tina Turner, in a poprock context. A surprising album which must have cost lots of effort, and cash to make such a compilation possible, because most of the scene after the Iranian Revolution was destroyed from local memory, physically as well as morally.


Groups :

  • The Littles

  • Moha Jamin

  • The Flowers

  • Group Takhala La

  • Ojooba Ha

  • Penahi Moha Jamin

  • Golden Ring

  • The Rebels

  • Kourosh

  • Googoosh

  • Group Sageed

Raks Raks Raks



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