GIAN CASTELLO / Taliesin (Folk)

BLACK WIDOW / Italy / 1999

M- / M- 25 €

All of us with a progressive heart have a certain bias towards anything that reminds of beauty, lyricism, legends and mysticism. Now that the Celtic music and culture are in fashion, too often we see artists that want to convince us of their supposed "integrity" to provide us with music supposedly inspired by the Celtic world. Gian Castello is an Italian musician that wants us to bathe in an ocean of dreams and to navigate in our minds while the music of this LP, based on the legend of "Taliesin", serves as a tremendous film score. Gian almost plays the entirety of the instruments in this work thanks to his flute, harp, guitar, percussion, dulcimer, etc., counting as guests with Anna Manusso (violin, voice), Enrico Cotella (keyboards, percussion) and Marco Canepa (samplers, percussion).




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