KISSING SPELL / Los Pajaros (Psychedelic)

essex / UNKNOWN / 2014

M- / M- 30 €

ressed on 180 gram vinyl and printed on heavy board sleeves with polythene inner bags and stickered. 
Without doubt this is one of the best 60's psychedelic albums! 

Made back then in South America, along with Traffic Sound Virgin, Laghonia and Aguaturbia Evol. This record contains beautiful melodic compositions, killer fuzz leads peppering the disc, a superb dreamy atmosphere and great drifty vocals (mostly in English). 

This record has been reissued in Europe several times before but sadly they were taken from old copies in mono, and both companies didn't notice that the original Background edition was in fact STEREO and first time it came out like that! 
When I originally made the deal for this reissue in the 90's with the owner of the Arena label, Camilo Fernandez, he passed me the original master tapes. When it was pressed, members of KISSING SPELL, Guillermo Olivares and Carlos Fernandez, couldn't believe their ears when it came out as the original vinyl issued in 1970 was only ever pressed in mono which due to a budget was never issued in Stereo. 

Los Pajaros



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