MARK FRY / Dreaming With Alice (Folk)

SUNBEAM REC / United Kingdom / 2009

M- / M- 25 €

deluxe audiophile Sunbeam Masters vinyl edition; 180 gram pressing. One of the most enigmatic albums of all time and the very epitome of "acid folk," Dreaming With Alice is firmly established as one of the world's most sought-after records. Recorded when Mark Fry was still a teenager, and only released in Italy in 1972, Dreaming With Alice is a beguilingly strange and melodic song cycle echo, with fuzzed wah-wah guitar and backwards tapes that has been much bootlegged but never officially reissued... until now. Complete with rare photographs and liner notes by Fry himself, this is an essential purchase for all fans of psychedelic singer/songwriting. This limited special edition is manufactured to the highest standards in a hand-numbered edition of 1000, pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl and comes housed in a thick card sleeve with pasted slicks.

Dreaming With Alice Dreaming With Alice



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