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Icelandic progressive rock trio Odmennever released. It was made at a critical point in Odmenn‘s history when the band members had agreed to take a sabbatical year while the guitarist studied law at the University of Iceland. They got together for the last time a year after the album was released and split up directly after having played only one gig. Odmennwas formed in early 1966 by the Johannsson brothers playing the most popular music clubs in Reykjavik. Most of Odmenn’s music could be categorised as protestsongs or social studies touching topics like anti-war protest and fights againstpollution,greed and deception balanced with more positive stances like hope for a better world with love and eternal brotherhood. "Psychedelic guitar pieces had becometheir trademark". Odmenn recorded this double album in Copenhagen with a release late December 1970. Odmenn made a great impression with their blooming mixture of energetic blues rock and was probably one of the best prog rock bands in Northern Europe. 15 great songs released as a double album with massive 4 pages insert and many photos never shown plus a long liner notes. 500 numbered / heavy gatefold sleeve / 180 gram pressing / 4 page insert




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