SPEAKERS / En el maravilloso .... (Psychedelic)

SHADOKS / Germany / 2013

M- / M- 60 €

Limited edition of 500; 180 gram vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve with 12-page insert. "Before Los Speakers from Columbia recorded this album in 1968 they have already released 4 other albums for a major label. This final album (In The Wonderful World Of Ingeson which was the name of the recording studio) was recorded and produced entirely by the band with no restrictions from major label producers. What they have produced in 1968 was a musical statement and a piece of art...going in the same direction as early Mothers Of Invention but with a sweeter musical touch of band like Kissing Spell / Embrujo to it. This masterpiece is loaded with psychedelic ideas, stoned effects, backwards loops, fuzz guitar, Latin beat's, great vocals and amazing lyrics. Perhaps the first Os Mutantes album might suit this direction a bit as well. We have never heard an album like this before. Here we have the rare stereo version with 12 page LP size book and gatefold sleeve. A psychedelic masterpiece and one of the best albums from Latin Americana. If you want to have your album perfect as the original pressing, attach a tiny piece of chewing gum inside the gatefold top left corner (looked like an acid trip on the original cover) and spray it with rose perfume, which they did as well."

En el maravilloso ....



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