TETRAGON / Stretch (Progressive)

garden of delight / Germany / 2011

M / M- 25 €

Tetragon, successor of Trikolon, were founded in Osnabrueck (Lower Saxony) in the spring of 1971. They released their first and only LP, "Nature", in that same year.

At the end of 1971, Tetragon recorded in a Hamburg studio five long tracks in their well-proven style for their second LP, the release of which, however, never happened.

Fortunately, the master tape has survived, so that now, 39 years later, the work finds a release.

Three of the five songs are written by the band, one by Eddie Harris ("Listen here") and one by John McLaughlin ("Dragon song").

Limited edition of 1000 numbered copies plus four-page colour insert, including a detailed band history in German and in English, band photographs, discography with cover and label repros etc.




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