WILLIAM NOWIK / Pan Symphony in E Minor (Psychedelic)

GUERSSEN / Spain / 2010

M / M 20 €

One of the newest and most surprising discoveries in the 60's & 70's rock rarities field, this caused big hype among collectors in the last months. Certainly easy to understand, as it's an ace album no one had heard of before. Guitarist William Nowik recorded this obscure instrumental record back in 1974 in the NY area. It has such a deep feeling, nothing anyone could have done without really loving it aside of any commercial view. Psychedelic, progressive, very early Floyd sounding at times, Crimson- esque, and a kind of sound that reminds on the British early 70's underground but with an experimental, trippy touch. 14 tracks in total but played like suites.Seems only 200 copies were pressed and never distributed, so it needed 35 years to be discovered ! This wonderful reissue comes with the intended original artwork (it came out in green and black cover instead of the black and white that William wanted), has nice remastered sound and includes an insert with rare unseen photos and extended linernotes.

Pan Symphony in E Minor Pan Symphony in E Minor



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